Complete 6.0L Powerstroke Solution Kit

Complete 6.0L Powerstroke Solution Kit


Prior to Tear Down Contribution Balance is Ran and HPO System is Tested. Will Advise Customer of Findings Upon Completion of Testing.

Cylinder Heads Magnafluxed, Decked, Pressure Checked, New Valve Guides, Valve Job, & O-Ring'd!

New/Updated Parts Included

  • Injector Seal Kits
  • New Dummy Plugs
  • New Stand Pipes
  • HPOP Gaskets
  • Stage 1 Pushrods 
  • Fuel Regulator Upgraded Blue Spring Kit 
  • IPR Screen Kit
  • Intake and Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
  • Mishimoto Coolant Filter Kit- Red, Black or Blue Hoses
  • New OEM Oil Cooler with Gaskets
  • Turbo Cleaned and Inspected
  • Turbo Feed/Drain Gaskets and O'rings
  • OEM Head Gaskets
  • Rocker Box Gaskets
  • ARP 250-4202 (425's) Head Studs
  • Schaeffers Oil
  • ELC Coolant
  • Intake Manifold Cleaned 
  • Oil Cooler Housing Cleaned
  • Cam Inspected to verify potential lifter failure
  • New OEM Thermostat
  • New Updated Degas Cap
  • Inspect/Clean EBP & MAP Sensors
  • EGR Delete (OFFROAD USE ONLY) Customer must sign Paperwork

**Add a SCT X4 with 3 Custom Tunes and a Full 4 Inch Exhaust to Make it $6648 Out the Door**